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We’re a nonprofit collaborative of Scarborough community leaders dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in communities by utilizing the unifying power of sports to curb violence among youth. Organized team sports possess the ability to transcend social, economic, and cultural barriers, offering a platform for personal growth, respect for others, and conflict resolution. By harnessing the potential of team sports, we aim to empower young individuals with essential life skills and values that deter them from engaging in violence and lead them toward a path of constructive self-expression and healthy community engagement.

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Our Peace Allies

Eternati Willock

Joshua Makwene

Hanniel Mvovi

Born and raised in Scarborough, Eternati says that basketball saved her life and kept her focused and away from trouble. As she focused on the game, she developed into a star. In High School, Eternati was ranked:

  • No. 33 player in the nation by ESPN
  • No. 6 international prospect in the nation by Prospects Nation
  • No. 2 prospect by CROWN Scout Girls Report
    (first player in history from Canada)

Eternati went on to play Division I basketball on a full scholarship at Kansas State University. She also represented Canada in three international FIBA tournaments.

Known for her basketball fundamentals and uncanny ability to turn setbacks into comebacks, Coach E transforms challenges into opportunities for growth. Her coaching philosophy is simple: it’s not just about the game; it’s about building character, instilling discipline, and fostering respect for all. She’s not just teaching layups; she’s teaching life-ups.

Off the court, you’ll find Coach E working at The Wellspring Centre, a Scarborough community hub for young adults, especially neurodivergent people, and others with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges.

Training & Certification:
National Coaching Certification Program
Trauma-Informed Coaching
First Aid and CPR

Meet Josh, the dynamic leader of our coaching team, affectionately known as Lightening Makwene for his incredible speed and agility—he can cover 100 meters in just 11 seconds! Not only is he a three-time OFSAA Finalist, but he’s also a Scarborough native who proudly declares his love for the city.

Beyond the sports arena, Josh has been making a positive impact as a youth counselor and mentor in the Woburn community. At the Toronto French School, he shares his passion by coaching basketball and mentoring chess. With his infectious smile, Josh can light up any room and uplift spirits with just his presence.

Training & Certification:
National Coaching Certification Program
Trauma-Informed Coaching
Plan to Protect Trained
First Aid and CPR

In the vibrant community of Scarborough, Hanniel discovered his sense of belonging on the basketball court and soccer field. He firmly believes that organized team sports offer a fantastic avenue for acquiring discipline, honing skills, managing emotions, and cultivating positive energy. Hanniel, a lifelong enthusiast of basketball and soccer, boasts an impressive journey, having been recruited to play soccer in Spain.

As Coach P, he serves as an assistant basketball coach at the Toronto French School and in his leisure plays in the Brodie League. Beyond the realm of sports, Coach P volunteers his time as a youth leader and mentor in the Woburn community of Scarborough. Adding a touch of creativity to his multifaceted personality, he reveals a hidden talent for drawing.

Training & Certification:
National Coaching Certification Program
Trauma-Informed Coaching
Plan to Protect Trained

Alarming Increase in Youth Violence

The year 2023 has witnessed a disturbing and unprecedented surge in youth violence in Scarborough.

0 %
Toronto teachers who have experienced or witnessed violence
0 +
TDSB youth involved in violent incidents
Average age of youth linked to gun violence in Toronto

While There’s No Quick Solution...

Scarborough Sports is dedicated to cultivating preventive measures aimed at reducing youth violence.

We advocate for the transformative influence of sports, grounded in research, to mend societal gaps, foster connections, and mold the destiny of our communities. United, we can ignite a generation of resilient, empathetic youth devoted to constructing a safer and more harmonious community for all.

Our sports programs, intertwined with our comprehensive peace curriculum, empower young individuals to heighten self-awareness, cultivate mechanisms for managing aggression, and instill respect for others, transcending differences.

We offer High Value at Low Cost.

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